All Fitness Classes Come With Food Coaching

You didn’t gain weight because you don’t workout! It’s because you have been consuming more calories then what you burn off each day.  You must change your approach.

How Does Food Coaching Work?

The approach is simple…we a complete overhaul of your pantry and general eating habits have to be dissected to properly address what is going on with your weight gain or weight loss

Service Includes:

  • a personalized nutrition guide (PDF doc) catered to your needs and goals
  • on going support during our sessions and on our off days to ensure you stay on track
  • daily texts to hold you accountable with what your eating

The Workout: 

Losing Weight – Lean Muscle – Muscle Mass

You will learn from point a to b what to eat and more importantly what NOT to eat! in order to reach your goals of losing weight or gaining it

Before your Workout: you will learn what you should eat before your workout to make sure you have optimal endurance and strength and no weakness or dizziness that most people get because they don’t eat or sleep properly before theitr workout session

During the Workout: You will learn ways to keep you energized during the workout and keep your endurance and stamina at top levels

After your Workout: You will learn what to eat after your workout and off days to ensure you don’t contradict the whole process of reaching your goals that much faster

It’s Up To You!

A food coach can only do so much we are not magicians. The client must be proactive and disciplined in the process until he or she reaches their goals. I have had clients lose 3 lbs. a week and even 20 lbs.a month –  It’s all realistic and attainable. You will be climbing up a mountain when you begin but once you reach your goals the maintenance is a breeze!




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