The Right Trainer?

Is Having a Personal Training Certification Enough?

What should you look out for before choosing the right trainer? What questions should you be asking yourself before choosing the right trainer?  Don’t get burned before spending thousands! Below is some information (things to consider) other then the certification before choosing your next personal trainer

1) Pick a trainer that has reached his or her goals with their own physique

Pick a trainer that has reached his or her own goals. It’s easier to believe in something when you see it first no? Since the process is relative and there is an infinite amount of ways to “cross the road” the trainer is not dong anything really, it’s you buying into the relative approach (his or her belief) that that trainer is extending to you which you are choosing to go along with. So I would suggest taking advice and trusting in a trainer that looks like they know what their talking about, because all the trainer is doing is extending to you a belief on how to achieve your gaols (which is relative and infinite) that you are choosing to buy into

2) One approach doesn’t fit all

One approach doesn’t fit all! Remember its not about the approach you take its about if the approach you’re taking is working

Two things to help you gauge this…1) Are you seeing results? 2) Are you hurting yourself in the process? Only you can answer these two questions no one else!

I would suggest if you feel you’re hurting yourself and or not seeing results you might need to change a few things. To possibly changing the way you lift the weights to what you’re eating with “proper nutrition”

Having the right training that understands both nutrition and isolation is a big deal because that trainer can create so many different approaches and ways to target the muscle and tackle your eating. They understand the logic to it and don’t rely on just one textbook method

3) Pick a trainer that has had success with helping others reach their goals

And still just because the trainer has reached his or her goals doesn’t mean he or she can help you with yours! I would pick trainer that has had good outcomes with various clients ranging from overweight to skinny or wanting to gain muscle mass. A proper trainer should know how to deal with any body type and any goal!

4)  Being certified means nothing!

Be careful to hire a trainer who thinks their way is the only way to do things because that’s what they learned in school!

Example: You can be doing your abs in a way that might be unorthodox (meaning something they don’t teach you in school) but for some reason you have accomplished something great with this ab exercise and have created a beautiful six-pack without any injuries. The trainer might walk by and try and correct you and say “you’re doing it all wrong” And then you say…”well I have a six pack and I have accomplished my goals without hurting myself and I’m seeing results…how can it be I’m doing it wrong?” Exactly! You’re not!

It’s just that trainers mind is narrow and has an establishment way of thinking of how things work. That trainer doesn’t know why two plus two equals four, they just understand that two plus two is four. Understand? They have learned something in school and believe that school is an authority in this subject of training. It’s not… its only one way

Schools and Certifications is one way to learn one aspect of the whole process.

Most trainers learn how to be a trainer by going to school for kinesiology, and or getting a certification from CanFit Pro or another certification school. This is all well and good and is one way to learn one aspect of the craft, however the issue with this is most of these students learn more about the theory of it all and not the practical.
Pick a trainer that knows the logic to how to whole thing works (the full spectrum) from eating, to mechanics, to breathing.

Again all any trainer is doing is providing you with their beliefs of what they have bought into on how to burn fat or how to put on muscle. It’s you buying into it is what makes it work. Simple as that!




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