Right Package?

First step, you need to decide what your goals and intentions are!

1) What are your goals?

  • Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle?
  • Do you have a set date in mind to accomplish these goals?
  • How much time during the week can you commit to training with a trainer and by yourself?

2) After you have established your goals then you can decide what type of package you need

You might want long term or short all depending on how much time you can commit. As well you might not want to train by yourself and just rely on the trainer to help you 24/7. If you only do 2 sessions a week of training in total then it will most likely take you longer to reach your goals. It’s all about you forecasting where you see yourself in the upcoming months with availability and how much time you feel you know is realistic for you to commit to fitness

3) Then when you decide the package then have to decide the kind of trainer you’re looking for

  • Is it a male or female trainer?
  • Does the trainer have to specialize in specific types of fitness training or a general one will suffice?
  • Do you want one that provides nutritional counselling?

4) Once these 3 pointers are figured out then you decide your budget

Most trainers have set packages however some will bend a little depending on your budget and or special circumstances i.e.: if you’re student or on disability.




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