I approached Kevin because I was sick and tired of lacking motivation and energy to change my health and well-being. I had been sporadically working out on my own for the past two years, but I wasn’t seeing any results and was losing hope. In the short time that Kevin and I have worked together, he helped target specific muscle groups that I had expressed concerns about, and even discover muscle groups I’d never even used before. In creating customized work out and nutrition plans, he keeps me challenged and teaches me how my body adapts with each work out and with the food I intake. He’s fun to talk with and keeps you going even when you feel like you can’t give it anymore. In his words, “your pain is my pleasure.” Having his guidance for exercising and nutrition really brought me from that plateau and gave me hope that I can achieve the healthy lifestyle that I’ve never been able to have before. I’ve never had more energy and never felt more alert, and I actually don’t mind working out anymore. Thanks so much, Kevin! Adrienne