Have fun training with your friends or colleagues!

Like individual training group training is similar where all your fitness and nutrition needs are met.

Group fitness is perfect for both Aqua Fitness and Gym Training

You and your friend (s) will experience a systematic structured program filled with challenges and obstacles that will leave you feeling satisfied and more confident with yourself while having fun, because the process of reaching your goals shouldn’t be a chore. There are a variety of different types of group classes with some larger then 20 participants to smaller then 10. Vanity group classes can only be up to 5 people maximum per group for Aqua Fit and 3 people maximum for gym trainig

Aqua Fit: 5 maximum

Gym Training: 3 Maximum

What You Get With Each Package:

  • Complete Flexible Nutrition Plan
  • Multi Phase Workout Routine
  • Daily text follow- ups to keep you accountable
  • Customized plans for you to train on our off days!

Each Session you will learn:

  • Proper form
  • Breathing techniques
  • Fundamentals you need in order to train by yourself
  • Muscle Trickery

Package Rates:

3 month – 6 month – 12 month packages available

Everyone has different goals and time lines to reach them. This is why Vanity Fitness has has multi tiered packages ranging from 3 months to 12 months so that all goals needs are covered

Couples: Add 20% for extra person to any package
Groups of 3-5: Add 15% per person to any package

Group Class Capacity:. Aqua Fit: 5 MAX Gym Training: 3 MAX