One-on-One Training

Individual training programs designed and tailored to your needs! All aspects of the fitness cycle with nutrition and weight training are covered to ensure you reach your goals much much faster.

All body types and goals are welcome! ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE FOOD COACHING

Lean Muscle

It can be frustrating, you look more muscular but its not the muscle look and type of your vying for. You’re all over the place with your routine, you feel stronger in some parts of your body and other you don’t. Perhaps your biceps are bigger but bulky big and not lean big. Maybe you have confidence doing your back but chest…forget about it. I will direct and structure your routine and balance you out in all areas to create in you’re a perfect machine of stability and well rounded strength! You will gain muscle but not build thickness; you will look proportionate and love what you look like in front of the camera. The camera loves a lean body. I will help you achieve the lean look so that you’re ready for the camera

Fat Loss

You will learn from point a to b what to eat and more importantly what NOT to eat! The exercises will be tailored to your needs and specific goals, because no two people are alike, because wee all need special focus and attention! I have had clients lose 3 lbs. a week and even 20 lbs. a month! It’s all realistic and attainable. You will be climbing up a mountain when you begin but once you reach your goals the maintenance is a breeze!

Why Choose the Muscle Building Package?

How you lift those weights can mean the difference between reaching your goals in 4 months or 4 years! You will learn proper fundamentals, and eating habits to make sure you create a solid structural understanding of how this whole muscle building thing works! You don’t want to rely on a trainer your whole life. I will guide you into becoming one with your body and mind increasing your confidence in the gym so that you want to do it on your own, eliminating anxiety and frustration