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“With my guidance I will help you reach your ideal body and fitness goals!”

As a personal trainer I specialize in strength and resistance training using free weights and machines.

I offer programs of exercise of high intensity training combined with personalized and holistic counsel. I have over 10 years experience as a personal trainer, and extensive knowledge in healthy, natural, organic foods!

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What Clients Say

“I’m very fortunate to have Kevin as my personal trainer. Having worked with other personal trainers I can say that Kevin is the best. I used to be one those people with lack of motivation and I used to keep canceling my training sessions with other personal trainers. But with Kevin I haven’t missed even a single session of my training sessions! Training sessions with Kevin are fun, motivating and tough! He is so creative and so kind. His patience is incredible in working with you and helping you to find the correct form in each exercise. Because of him I feel stronger and for the first time in my life I feel improvement in building mussels. He works with you mentally and physically and helps you to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. He is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about body, food and mind! With him you will enjoy every minute of your training sessions and off course you will see the result soon. Thank you Kevin you have transformed my life in a great way.”


Best trainer so far I’ve trained with really, 1 week of training with Kevin I’ve lost 4 half pounds. So happy with the results. Sara C


I have been taking personal training sessions with Kevin for one year and the results have been great! Kevin pays attention to what his client’s goals are and tailors the workouts to fit the bill. His sessions are never monotonous as he uses an excellent mix of conditioning exercises, weight training and cardio. Most importantly however, he is extremely particular about his clients’ form, especially while using weights, to ensure injuries are avoided at all times. Fantastic trainer overall!! Sanchita


Training with Kevin has been a very satisfying experience. He is outgoing, energetic, and keeps the workouts varied and interesting. He keeps me challenged and fit and I look forward to my workouts with him. Ryan


I feel more in shape after only a few sessions. Kevin is able to target key areas and muscles that require greater definition, while keeping the exercises varied and challenging. His enthusiasm is motivating. I now am more disciplined in reaching my fitness goals.” phil


Kevin is a fantastic fitness trainer who pushes you all the way to achieve your goals.Always on time, he is very knowledgeable about various workout regimes.He makes exercising fun , always coming up with new ways to experience pain :)All in all, I will definitely recommend him as a personal fitness trainer. Nitin


Kevin was my personal trainer for almost a year and he helped me to achieve impressive results: I started liking what I saw in the mirror. Before starting my program with Kevin I thought I was in a good shape already, but his knowledge, diverse training methods, his motivational techniques pushed me to the levels I did not think I could achieve. Working out with Kevin is never boring, it is always challenging and, most importantly, fun! If you want leaner muscles, greater stamina, and a more positive outlook on life, Kevin is the guy! Nataliya


I’ve had a few sessions with Kevin and he is a great trainer! He really focuses on your form which people like me (who haven’t really ever worked out in a gym) don’t realize prevents injury and actually gets you results. He always comes prepared and we work on a new muscle group each session as well. He motivates me and tells me I’m doing well and encourages me to keep going which is good! It’s always a positive session and you know after meeting him he knows what he is doing! I would recommend Kevin to people just starting out and to those who already know what they are doing. I’ve seen other trainers at work and Kevin actually knows what he is talking about, knows how to customize a work out to what you want and need and motivates you and makes you feel great even if you feel super out of shape 🙂 Lily


Kevin is a very creative fitness trainer. We were training at my home and my backyard with very basic equipment. I was surprised about the way he transform my home into a gym. We were working out on my staircase, edge of the soft, chair, corridor…etc. He encouraged me to exercise and made it absolutely dun for me! I sweated for two hours without even realizing it. Thanks to his hardwork, my back pain is gone and I feel very happy and healthy about myself – Senior Cost Accountant Kelly


Kevin is an excellent trainer. He is easy to work with and extremely accommodating to my needs. He is also tough and pushes me to the max. I recommend Kevin without reservation. Joe


Reliable Trainer! Knows his shit and has the body to back it up 😉


Kevin has been my personal trainer for a year and a half. He is very knowledgeable and eager to get you the results you are looking for. Additionally, he is very friendly and easy to get along with making the exercises seem easier, but you will be sore the next day! Courtney


I have been training with Kevin for just over 3 months. Not only does he provide personalized work-out sessions that adapt from week to week, he offers customized nutrition consulting to complement the physical training. I am confident that Kevin’s training will help me achieve my goals! Corey


Kevin is a great trainer. He’s very patient and adjusts all sessions according to my needs and goals. I found myself getting stronger each week. He addressed all my questions and concerns in a well thought out manner. He also gave me tips on my eating habits in order to develop a stronger performance in my workout routine. I highly recommend his services!” Carmen


Working with Kevin as my personal trainer just before my wedding was way more fun than I’d expected J Over the years I’ve tried many gym classes, home fitness dvd’s and crazy diets which never seemed to do the job. Kevin worked with me in every way possible to make me achieve my goals (even when I was ready to lower those goals J). He came to my condo gym at a time that was tailored to MY job circumstances and focused on my areas of concern while reminding/forcing me to work on other areas as well to strength my body overall. He educated me about healthy eating and the organic alternates and supplements out there, he worked around my knee issues and made sure I wasn’t bored at any time during the session. It was an overall experience and lifestyle coaching that you don’t get elsewhere. Thanks Kevin! Amna


I approached Kevin because I was sick and tired of lacking motivation and energy to change my health and well-being. I had been sporadically working out on my own for the past two years, but I wasn’t seeing any results and was losing hope. In the short time that Kevin and I have worked together, he helped target specific muscle groups that I had expressed concerns about, and even discover muscle groups I’d never even used before. In creating customized work out and nutrition plans, he keeps me challenged and teaches me how my body adapts with each work out and with the food I intake. He’s fun to talk with and keeps you going even when you feel like you can’t give it anymore. In his words, “your pain is my pleasure.” Having his guidance for exercising and nutrition really brought me from that plateau and gave me hope that I can achieve the healthy lifestyle that I’ve never been able to have before. I’ve never had more energy and never felt more alert, and I actually don’t mind working out anymore. Thanks so much, Kevin! Adrienne